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Cheap Flights to China


Fantastically diverse in its geographic, cultural and culinary make-up, China is a country like no other. Technologically and socially developing at a completely unprecedented rate, its already enormous cities are spreading outwards with every passing day. However, despite appearances, China’s apparent modernity is still based on an ancient civilization that has existed for over four millennia.

Traveling around China is relatively cheap and easy, however you may well come up against many challenges in a country where relatively few people speak English. The main tourist sights – the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army and the Yangzi gorges – are very spread out thanks to the sheer size of the country, so it’s vital that you plan your trip accordingly. Also, don’t forget that the writing system is not the Latin-based type which we’re used to, and foreigners are sometimes viewed with intense curiosity by locals. But despite appearances, you’re actually likely to find that Chinese people are generally kind and hospitable.

Don’t forget of course there’s the amazing cuisine. Delicious Peking duck in Beijing is an absolute must, as is a Chóngqìng hotpot or seasoned ròujiamó (shredded pork in a bun). Then finish off with a piping hot bowl of Lánzhou noodles in a Silk Road street market – you won’t regret it!

5 Things You Need to Know About China

Here are five things you may not have known about China, which you’ll want to make note of before packing your bags:

Time Difference: UTC +8 hours
Currency: Chinese Yuan
Native Language: Mandarin
Weather: China is truly massive and each part has its own distinct climate. However, as a guide, China has sweltering summers and chilly winters. The cool autumns (September and October) and warm springs (end of April to beginning of June) are often considered the best seasons to travel to China.
Sales Tax: 17%

Flying to China from Canada

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about flying to China from Canada, including flight times and entry requirements.

Flight Times

Flights from Canada to China generally take around fourteen hours, with direct flights available from Toronto.

Flights from other cities in Canada, such as Calgary, will have to take indirect routes, which will take a little longer.

Entry Requirements

All Chinese visas issued to Canadians are supposed to be multi-entry visas valid for the life of the passport. This means you may get up to ten years of entries in one visa. Applicants MUST provide their previous (cancelled) passport. Applicants without a previous passport must now wait up to 30 days for a visa.

Airlines That Fly to China

The following airlines offer direct flights from Canada to China:

- China Eastern Airlines
- Air China
- Cathay Pacific
- Air Canada

10 China Must-Dos

If you’ve never visited China before and are wondering what the ‘must-see’ sights and attractions are, here are our top ten:

- Mutianyu Great Wall
- The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
- The Bund (Wai Tan)
- Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)
- Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)
- Victoria Peak (The Peak)
- Temple of Heaven
- Forbidden City - The Palace Museum
- Hong Kong Tramways (Ding Ding)
- Star Ferry

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